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Good eye on the missing screws Sam....that pic was taken a few days before the first flight. Took the pic below today showing the top attach screws in the rollover bar mount and they were one of the last things I did....the middle screws in back are a bit of a pain to get in!

Bruce....yes, still creeping up on top speed numbers....was seeing 192 TAS at 11,000 feet yesterday with the prop and mixture set for economy cruise (9 gph or so). I was only getting 2550 rpm at the fine pitch setting so adjusted the govenor today to get to 2700...low overcast in upstate NY so haven't tried yet but will be anxious to get numbers at 8000 with all the levers forward (other than fuel flow)!

Thanks Carl....our kids all went to Greene HS so spent many an evening in Norwich for varsity football and basketball games. I flew into Norwich airport with the 8 Tuesday evening while I was out sight was the typical quiet night there.

I don't have a build site but took a few pics today of some of the fastback features. The things I like best are:

1. Great access to the avionics area behind the panel but removing the cover.

2. The completely unobstructed view out the canopy (no bar in front).

3. The larger rear baggage area compliments of the raised turtle deck

Here's a pic of the panel with everything on....still learning the finer points of all the capabilities.

David - yes, I've always loved the 8 and glad to be in such fine company!
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