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Default Need help with SJ cowl!!!

I need some assistance from anyone who has an SJ cowl on their 8. Specifically, Measurements along the cut line from FW to inlet on both sides. If you happen to have a Whirlwind RV200 and a Barrett IO-390, you're my new best friend.

Long story short, after getting the horizontal hinges installed on the bottom cowl, I put it on the plane and the hinge eyes are in contact with the valve cover on Cyl #2, front LEFT. Cyl #1 (front RIGHT) has about 1/4" clearance. Theoretically, Cyl #1 should be the tightest fit since it is the forward-most cylinder.

Obviously, this cowl is unusable but I need to figure out what caused this before starting over. Any ideas?

Barrett IO-390
Whirlwind 200RV (CS) prop and spinner
Sabre 2.5" Prop extension

Bart Filipiak
Eastvale, CA
RV-8 N74VB

Barrett IO-390
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