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Default Email Migration, Odd TB Pattern

We'll be migrating our email to a new server with more capacity on Thursday morning. The email address will remain the same and it's supposed to be seamless- that's what they tell me anyway. The old server company hasn't impressed me with their technical ability in the past so I'm a bit skeptical.

If it doesn't go smoothly, I'll post some new contact info here and on our Home Page. Otherwise you can just phone until it's sorted.

On a second subject, we now have a CAD model for throttle bodies to fit LO-360-A1G6D engines, likely off Twin Commanches. Interestingly, these use a slightly larger bolt pattern than the typical RSA-5. Not sure why Lycoming would do that but they did. If anyone is using one of these engines, we can produce the TB to fit our EFI on it.

Thirdly, Trevor has the 5th axis operational now on his newest Hass mill. This should help speed up production on some of our CNC'd bits by reducing multiple setups. Hopefully have some videos of this in operation sometime soon.

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