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Originally Posted by Christopher Murphy View Post
Someday somewhere that carb heat will be needed. If you dont have it available it will become a very high pucker factor experience.

Ive had my 0320 ice up between the hangar and the runway and Ive had airborne battles with carb ice. I know from the previous posts there is a lack of understanding of carb ice and how you deal with it. Flying around with the carb heat on is a bad idea.

Yup. This past July taking off out of Salida, CO on a chilly Rocky Mountain morning just before sunrise with virga in the sky around Poncha Pass. Barely made it over the low hills around the airport. Around 10.8 gph showing at WOT. Later concluded it was likely carb icing. Was not using carb heat on takeoff. I have a Carb T probe and find I get just a tad more than 10F rise on carb heat...which Im not happy with. Would be interested in designs to get more temp rise.
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