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Originally Posted by chevytoo View Post
I have had a vibration from the nose wheel since day one. I first thought it was shimmy. I tightened the nose wheel fork one castellation. All that did was make it more difficult to steer while taxiing. I saw in a shadow while landing that the nose wheel was bouncing vertical up and down. I have the original Vans setup with the axle bolt torqued to 7 to 10 ft lbs. The force to rotate the tire is about 6 lbs. I have backed off the torque of the bolt to just snug and made sure neither the bearing nor the adapter rotate with the wheel. Have not yet test flown but the drag on the wheel feels close to the same. Any ideas what is causing this vibration?
As others have said, change out that nosewheel bearing setup asap. Please see and read this thread carefully, particularly the parts pertaining to the bearing.
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