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I use a Google Spreadsheet with one row for each building session. Date, what I did, hours broken out by major section (empennage, wings, etc.), any Service Bulletins included in the work, and links to any pictures I took.

I also have other pages in the spreadsheet where I list deferred steps, budgets for avionics and other purchases, a circuit list, a fuse list, electrical load analysis, connector list showing all pinouts, and other information about the build that I might find useful later.

Happy to share a read-only link to it if anyone’s curious about how it’s laid out. Just PM me with your Google account name.
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RV-7A (N12VD): Empennage and wing kits complete minus fiberglass. Fuselage, wiring, and canopy complete. IO-360-M1B mounted. Working on cowl and baffles.
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