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Originally Posted by ShortSnorter View Post
As others have mentioned - there is more than meets the eye. While I have no doubt you could technically get a -14 in the air for $90k-100k, it would most certainly require a second hand engine, limited avionics, and paint (both of which installation would not be able to be outsourced to stay within the $100k range).

IMO, $140-160 - is a reasonable cost to build a -14.

Couple that with the limited market size, and it quickly becomes a hot commodity.
$145k is what mine will cost, all in, taxes and shipping included. I'm halfway there right now. That's with an $18k panel, new 390EXP119, interior, Beringer brakes, and some custom stuff like flush canopy latch, Andair Model 7 valve and wing root fuel filters. Includes tools, as well.

So, even without labor, a nice -14A should cost at least $140k. My tools were $6k.
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