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Hi Ray

First, are you an EAA member? I'm local EAA 245 president here in Ottawa and we have a LOT of RV guys (I used to be one until I sold my -8 to a couple of other chapter members). Also, the MD-RA inspectors are both members of our chapter.

The short answer to your question is that the inspectors need to see every nut, bolt, and rivet. Some inspectors might get a little snotty about having to use mirrors and flashlights to see into deep corners, but for the most part if they can see everything, you're good. You will NOT find anything in the instructions about build inspections. That is pretty much a Canada thing.

When you are building a part (like an elevator, for example) just make sure before you final rivet a skin or cover or something that you can still see the nuts, bolts, and rivets (generally we mean shop heads).

The reason they need to see everything? They are looking for badly formed/missing rivets, wrong nuts or bolts, missing washers or cotter pins, etc. They are also looking for workmanship issues like sharp cuts, unfinished edges, etc that could turn into failed parts in flight.


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