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I read through the thread.... my input trying to be useful.

AOG - Post your predicament here ask for help when it happens.

EAA - If member find a chapter nearby. Typically EAA lists chapter contact numbers.

Boy Scout - Always Be Prepared - If XC carry some tools, parts and know how to work on your plane (as skill allows, varies if you bought or built). In other words fix it yourself.

Local Pro - FBO and A&P.

Maintain your RV - Sounds obvious but if going on distant trip do a partial or full condition inspection, plugs, oil, tires, brakes... inspect, repair and replace as required. If your plane has issues, take car or commercial flight.

Don't Leave the Pattern - Kidding but you get my point. To travel be it planes, trains or automobiles or horse.... has some inherent risks.

You can't always avoid "AOG". You can't always fix it easily. You may have to park and take a gray hound home.... Even then these forums might find someone with hanger or overnight lodging.
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