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Originally Posted by bhester View Post
Ok, Iíve got a Garmin GMA 340 audio panel and a Garmin G3X touch system. I have never connected the two for alerts. I do have a AFS 2500 engine monitor connected to the audio panel though the alert input. I am going to connect the G3X to the audio panel, should I connect it to the alert input with the engine monitor, (two wires going to the same pins) or should I hook up the G3X to my COM 3 input? I could then silent my G3X alerts by turning off COM 3.
OK, let me have itÖ..

Most of us use an unswitched, unmuted audio input for our EFIS alert audio, but since your GMA 340 only has one of that type audio input (ALT WRN), and it seems to be in use by your 3rd party engine monitor, then you could either use the unswitched TEL RINGER IN audio input or one of the switched (with a front panel button) radio audio inputs such as NAV1, NAV2, ADF, or DME.

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I would probably avoid using the COM3 audio input just to be sure that the COM radio mic is never accidentally selected to that unused radio position.

You shouldn't simply parallel the EFIS alert audio to the same input that is already connected to the engine monitor.

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