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Originally Posted by jamcgee1978 View Post
Thanks for all the responses were just trying to put plans in place at moment , so I gather now that early on is a proper aviator flyin and then from say mid week itís a full blown air show with all the bells and whistles .

One more question is whether or not to bring the kids (lad is 8 , girl will be 6) , is there enough to keep em going for say 4 days or will they burn out by the first day, trying to see if we can make a road trip work .

Plenty of activities for the kids. They is a dedicated area just for them. Take a look at the Kidventure pages on the Airventure web page. There is also a hands on area in the EAA museum for kids as well.

There is usually plenty of static aircraft displays that you can take a tour of the insides. The government also has displays the kids may enjoy, like the canine demonstrations.

Theyíll enjoy the Wednesday evening air show with all the pyrotechnics too.

There used to be a craft tent for the spouses, but I havenít kept up with that recently.

I donít know the age restrictions on the helicopter and other aircraft rides.

The bottom line is that there is plenty to kept them busy.
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