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I have the same issue with my SLING 2, with 912 ULS. It started a year after I had it and frankly, it scared the **** pout of me the first time i noticed it. Other than the drop in pressure on the G3X screen, normally I see 3.8 and as high as 4.2 or so, it dropped as low as 1.7, 1.9, but usually around 2.0 for a few seconds, the 912 ran strong without issue.

I came to find this is a well know issue and there was an SB from The Airplane Factory (Sling Aircraft) and ROTAX that addresses the issue…but wait, there’s more…my SLING came with the additional IN-LINE filters, meant to regulate pressures better.

I know its not the answer or solution we all want, but I’ve been told again and again…they know about it and absent any rough running or stumbling there is no cause for alarm. Really?

Ive learned to live with it. The scary part for me, is it normally happens when I toggle off the fuel pump once I reach my desired altitude and sometimes on climb out. I’m running 91 no ethanol unleaded 95% of the time and 100LL when I need to flop off on a X-country. Test with both and no difference, so it ain’t the fuel.

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