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Question Couple more questions

Well, it took me 3 hours to drill out the offending parts but it's done with no damage and clecoed back in the right place. Annoying but no more......

However, a couple of extra questions have been thrown up as I have examined the parts:

- page 26-5 step 6 states to dimple most of the holes in the F-1018 outboard ribs. It looks as if the webs of the F-1015A ribs should also be dimpled but I cannot find any mention of it. I see no reason to wait until after match drilling the side skin as dimpling then would be very difficult. Any pointers?

- there is also a #30 hole in the F-1004K Side Plate that looks like it should be match drilled through the F-1004C Bulkhead but page 28-9 step 2 states only to drill the #40 holes.

It's been a frustrating couple of days and I want to get it right this time
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