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Originally Posted by Wasp26 View Post
hello to all,

Will it be possible to control the A/P via GPS or the HDG and ALT bug of the G5/GDU375?

Thanks if you can help me...
Many installers route the autopilot arinc lines thru a double pole double throw switch, selecting sending the arinc lines to either the efis or the gps. If gps is selected, you control the autopilot with its own controls; it functions even if the efis fails. If efis is selected, you control the autopilot with the efis controls. Most seem to prefer this.
BTW, you show the gps optionally driving the King indicator. Not sure if this will work. My guess is you can drive the needles but not use the OBS. Find the manual to verify. But, why bother? This is one more switch that can fail or be mis-set (and its a multipole switch - a lot of wires.) Id suggest you just hardwire it to the King Nav, and use the efis displays for the gps.
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