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Originally Posted by DaAV8R View Post
There are locations in the kit that things get really tight for the pre-punch technology. In my opinion, this is a good example. To me it would be better if the .125 holes in the end rib were drilled by the builder.

I had to change the radius on the end rib between the rib and the flange. Your third picture shows that if the end rib moved more "into the corner", the pre-punch holes would better align. A smaller radius would seem to accomplish this.

I agree with you. Both elevators have exactly the same issue. I didn't change the original radius that much during the attachment of the spar to the rib that it should change the alignment this much. Could it be a issue with the corner of the horn? But the skins fit perfectly on the assembly.

I have tried to make the radius smaller based on an advise from another builder. I used a large nail in the corner and a vise grid attempting to pull the rib to the horn, but it doesn't move. It is difficult to find grip on the horn without damaging it. As I already match drilled the holes in the spar, because they aligned perfectly, I rather not drill out the rivets that attach the spar to the rib.

If you would have an idea or method to do so, I would be very happy.

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