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Originally Posted by Ralph Inkster View Post
Is that the plan for this plane's situation? Hope so.
Have you gone as far as to review the battery schematic to insure it makes sense for it's 'advanced systems' also? And (NOT really your job, but...) that the owner now fully knows the workings, reasonings & operation of all those switches...
Yes this plane (luckily) had Alt2 on all the time which was just enough to keep things running but not charge the batteries.

I did discuss the problem/situation with the owner, and he is now acutely aware of the need to maintain proper charging voltage >14v at tall times or look for a place to land ASAP.

There was no "schematic" available for the airplane (that I'm aware of) and I'm not sure that it would help the average owner/layperson anyway.

Did I take the time to try to recreate the electrical system architecture of the aircraft and create a training syllabus, no.... that would be a very time consuming job.

We did discuss future work to include replacing the plane power units with B&C for the sake of reliability, first PP failed at something less than 117 hrs.
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