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Default Help with Medical Flights

My co-worker reached out to me regarding her friend in Florida. Her friend is on a list to receive a kidney transplant. She is in Florida in the Daytona area. Apparently, over the weekend she was informed that a Kidney match was made in Milwaukee Wisconsin. They would not let her travel via commercial airline because of the Covid-19 risk. She looked into hiring a private plane and was not able to come up with the funds to fly to Milwaukee. (This blow my mind but this request is not about funding.) As a result, she was not able to receive the transplant. My Co-worker asked me if I knew of any organizations that help give transportation for medical patients. I said I would reach out to my group of friends to see if I can help get her in touch with a group that might be able to help with transportation to Milwaukee if the opportunity would present itself in the future.
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