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Originally Posted by Steve Melton View Post
yes, that's the photo. I don't have any data but I would guess spark plugs are like most electrical components where the failure rate is higher for infant mortality. once you have a plug that lasts 100 hrs, chances are that it will last until the electrodes wear beyond use. plugs can be used them for a long time: less plugs, less chance for infant mortality, maybe less cost overall (aviation vs auto), less environmental impact. clean and rotate them at each oil change or every other oil change, or more.
Yes, but if you are using most of the EI systems out there (instead of mags), the spark plug connectors arenít really designed to work very well with aviation plugs. I would also be using aircraft massive electrode plugs if I was still using mags - you have to match the plugs to the ignition system. And yes, you CAN use aviation plugs with EI, and automotive plugs with mags...but both of those configurations are a bit of a kluge....
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