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Default 2m Mobile

Found this radio recently:

I like that it is controlled with a phone, can bluetooth to a receiver (like a GMA-245 I hope), and has no panel so it can be remote mounted. My RV-14 has coax running to a hole in the tail with no antenna, so if I install a 2m antenna there most of the work is already done.

Any thoughts? Any idea the best antenna to install for this? Ham 2m is 144-148 MHz, so could shorten up a com antenna to match this band.

I have two com radios in my plane, but this would work like my cell phone; bluetooth connect to the GMA-245 for audio in/out, and then get a small bluetooth PTT to key it - or wire a switch somewhere.

My idea before this came around was to take out my remote COM and use the wiring to it with a pigtail to a mobile 2m radio using the audio panel like a traditional radio.
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