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Default Pilots N Paws - Doxy Scarlet

Doxy Scarlet was found as a stray in Houston and taken to the shelter. She was very thin and needed some intense TLC from Rescue the Animals rescue in Abilene. I offered to fly one leg, and duo Ken and Susan were set to meet in Temple to fly the second leg. As bad luck would have it, Ken got stuck in Detroit the day before the flight. Instead of calling "Out", he found a pilot, Xoaquin, to take his place.

I met coordinator Vanessa and helper Kelley at Houston Executive (KTME). Not only are the facilities at Henriksen Jet Center really nice, but so are the desk staff and line crew. They parked me right at the front door.

On the way to Houston, I had a little extra cockpit noise than usual in my headset. When I landed in Houston, I took a good look at the ear tip and decided it looked a little dirty. A new yellow foam ear tip took its place, and the flight to Temple was as quiet as I expect. I met Xoaquin after a slight delay caused by MIA hangar keys. Scarlet and I enjoyed the green grass and seating area outside the FBO in Temple. I sure am enjoying these low humidity days in Texas.

With Xoaquin's help, Scarlet made it to her rescue in Abilene, where she promptly had another well-needed meal. Dr. Bolt saw Scarlet right away on a Sunday afternoon. The Doxy got some shots to make her more comfortable, and napped away the afternoon in bliss.

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