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Default swapping injectors

HI Guys,

Looking for a bit of engine advice please. Im running two Pmags and I'm very happy with their performance. Im able to run significantly LOP very smoothly but thats brought up another issue.

My GAMI split is in the order of 0.8 to 1.0. Not ideal. Cylinder 4 peaks first followed by 3, then 2, then 1. I end up with Cyl 4 running at 90 LOP and CYl 1 at 10 LOP. That generally gives me 180 mph at 7 Gph. The engine runs very smoothly due to the electronic ignition but id like to even it up a bit.

My question is, before i go down the GAMI injector route should I try swapping the injectors around a bit? The reason i haven't yet is because with my current set up cylinders 1 and 2 run the hottest because they're closer to Peak EGT and being up front they get the best cooling. Cooling isn't an issue really, I'm normally running around 310 CHT.

Any advice appreciated, Thanks
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