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Originally Posted by rockwoodrv9 View Post
It would be interesting to know how many E-AB planes are owned and flown by their builder. My guess would be that many more planes are flown by second, third, or fourth owners and many less are flown by builders. If that is true, and I have no way of knowing if it is or not, than builders need to step up their safety program. From reports I have seen and makes sense, the first 40 hours is the time to be extra cautious. That may be the reason it is close to 50-50 in this survey.
Without additional information, it is an interesting report, but doesn't give enough detail to make much of a judgment other than be careful!

The following are arbitrary made up numbers, but:
If 5/500 planes owned by builders crash, and 5/5,000 planes owned by 2nd/3rd/4th owners crash, you get the 50/50 ratio stated in that statistic, but clearly there is a different trend.

I'd like to see a study with data on how much pilot TT, pilot RV specific time, acft TT on that specific RV, transition training, currency, etc., to see the whole picture before drawing any statistical conclusions.

Me thinks there are too many variables to point fingers at one specific trend. Each trend is important to note, though, so long as the rest of the factors are observed and noted as well.

That said, I am quite certain those conducting these studies are just as aware of these variables as we are (hopefully more-so), so I'm interested to see more when published.
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