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Default Thanks Dan

Correct Dan, Gus said the core material omission in that area was for the "ears" not so much the cover, and I'm relieved to see your cowl that tight on the left side!!! Also, I went with a plenum setup, a challenge in itself. The SJ Plenum attaches directly to the rocker cover ear without baffling material and is very, very tight. I will need to lay up some flox to fill a few gaps though.

Excellent idea with the nutplate and fiberglass attach strip. I have the Milspec quarter turns already. I ordered them years ago, but decided to go with the hinges for the clean look, and to save a little time. We all see how that worked out for me. I guess advantages of the nutplates vs quarter turns is that installation is easier and lighter, there is no adjusting, and you always know it's tight enough. I assume SS screws with tinnermans. Do you have a suggestion for a requisite number of BID layers? (I have a good bit of 5.8oz S glass on hand.)

I was really surprised (and pleased) how easily the semi-cured proseal came off.

Thanks Dan!
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