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Originally Posted by vmirv8bldr View Post
According to Gus, Vans removes core material in their cowls near the rocker cover edges to allow this movement as well.
The stock cowl is tight at the seam near the #3 rocker cover, but Gus probably means above the baffle mount ears.....the baffle wears or bumps the underside of the top cowl.

FWIW you can lower the baffle just a bit by filing a nice radius on the mount ears.

I seem to recall somebody mentioning low profile 1/4 turn sockets (POSTSCRIPT: it was Darwin, low-profile sockets available at Skybolt). I went with screws and nutplates on the side seam. Be cautious about skip spacing; the cowl really is a big balloon.

If you do an attach flange with glass rather than an aluminum strip it will fit better.
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