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Depending on the model of RV you have. If it's a tip up it will pop open about 6". plane will pitch down and you'll have to get as slow as possible to latch it again. Like full flaps and slow flight.
Other than getting any thing loose in the cockpit blown out or around it ain't no big deal
Had mine pop open at 180 6,500' over the mountains. Other than scaring the &@$32 out of me cause I wasn't expecting it. I've taken off with it unlatched also. Went to altitude and closed it. Latches needed adjustment.
Having been a beekeeper for 50 years, they usually don't bother stinging you unless you tick them off with a cap swing.
I also forgot to latch/lock my tip-up canopy for takeoff. I got up to pattern altitude, cinched my lab belt tighter, and pushed the nose over in a very light bunt. That placed more of the air load onto the canopy itself, pushing it down onto the rail. I could then easily latch and lock it.

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