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When I lifted my RV-10 fuselage, my son and I just picked it up and placed it on an EAA workbench. Getting off the workbench was a little more interesting, but not a big deal. Simply slide it forward and let gravity assisting until the nose wheel touched. We did have an extra person available to pull the workbench out of the way to lower the mains.

If you had the assistance of 2-4 folks, it shouldn’t be that difficult for your rv-12 since it’s lighter.

During the build, I used some 1 x 6 boards a few inches wider than the fuselage to to store the empennage hanging from the ceiling. I cut small notches in the end to place straps. The notches at the end prevent the straps from compressing the sides and held the straps away from the sidewalls. You could do something similar with your forklift.
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