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Originally Posted by gfb View Post
The location associated with the frequency comes from the local device DB for non-CAN devices, so the G3X and the GTN are deciding that this one nearby airport with that freq is what you mean vs this other airport.

On the GTR200 for example, it gets that data over the CAN bus from the G3X, so I believe it will always say the same on both screens.

IOW, nothing to worry about

Note: I have not actually seen the code for this and am just deducing from CAN data, available DBs on and experience seeing these things happen to me as well in flight.
I thought it might be something like that for the second case... but in the first scenario it actually told me it was still the departure airport which has a different frequency altogether. And when I used the find feature on the GTN to load the frequency, it changed the ID to the destination. So something is still wacky to me.

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