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Default G3X / GTN650 Frequency Source Annunciation

I saw something curious on my glass this weekend. I have a dual G3X touch and a GTN650. The GDU may be one rev behind. I had a flight plan loaded in the GTN and while en route, I went to the way point page on the G3X, saw my destination listed (KCJR), selected the AWOS and Unicom frequencies, then loaded them into comm1 (the GTN). The frequencies loaded and displayed on both the G3X and GTN, however the glass had my destination airport Unicom / AWOS id and the GTN was still saying it was my departure airport, KMFV (which are on different frequencies).

So I did the same search on the GTN and the freq stayed the same, but the station identifier changed to the destination

I observed this again on a subsequent flight, but the standby freq was someplace that wasn't in my flight plan (heck I didn't even know where it was). Anyone else seen this?
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