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Originally Posted by Ralph Inkster View Post
I'm suprised nobody has mentioned the Higgs Hawk E330J/G in the running as a potential future choice. It even gives you the choice on what you can burn in it; Jet A / 100LL / Auto / Hydrogen gas, (maybe moonshine too).
350hp, 2 stroke, 8.5:1, spark plug ignition, 306 lbs plus accessories & cooling... Also has the important criteria of being lots of $$$
Until Hawk has a flying RV-10 with the engine, it's as real as the similarly named DeltaHawk. As we have seen, aircraft engine design is not easy
RV-9A - started 01/2015, completed 07/19/2018, 500hrs 03/14/2020
RV-10 - started 04/2020
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