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Aircraft engines don't operate at light load however so the difference in BSFC in cruise is not that large as we've seen from flight data from various folks posted here on VAF. That's why I'd like to see the data when Scott is able to release it from the production spec engine.

Austro publishes cruise BSFC figures of .33-.35, little better than what a good 9 to 1 Lyc can achieve with fuel injection and proper spark timing LOP. Dave Anders with his 11 and 12 to 1 engines is right there in diesel territory.

The latest SI engines from Toyota match or exceed light auto diesels in the BSFC arena- 41% TE as of 2018 and even match part load mpg in some instances.

I realize Scott can't say too much at this time but I appreciate his updates, candor and facts to date. Has been realistic data without the spin we've seen before on the topic.

BTW kudos again to Scott for taking on this project and the testing for Conti. Very cool and lots of extra hours well spent. Fascinating stuff.

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