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Originally Posted by N941WR View Post
Whichever airport you elect to use, call ahead to make sure they have room.
Wilgorve (8A6) just closed (or will close shortly and become a housing development) and the planes that are based there are scattering.

I agree with the comments above.
EQY (Monroe) is great if you are meeting on the SE side of town.
IPJ (Lincolnton) or 14A (Lake Norman) are great if you are going to the Lake Norman area.
AKY (Gastonia) for the west side. EAA 309's chapter hangar is there, so contact them. You might be able to store your plane inside, if they have room.
UZA (Rock Hill) on the south side.

JQK (Concord) Stay away, just stay away. They have grown into a jetport for the NASCAR teams and don't want anything to do with small airplanes. I used to go there in my Tcraft many years ago to get a Coke and hang out but not any more.

Good luck and have a good trip!
I forgot about 14A Lake Norman - awesome place and friendly folks, that would be the best option for Harris Blvd north of Charlotte.
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