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Default Day 4 (continued)

The further north I progressed, the better the conditions got. The top layer burnt off and it ended up once again becoming a beautiful day.

My original plans were to spend the night in Greensboro, GA (Green County - 3J7) and visiting friends. However, the weather I just flew through was forecasted to creep north overnight, so the battle I went through today would be there tomorrow, without the guarantee of a clear layer.

With my tail between my legs I flew over my friends house and rocked my wings. Sure wish I could of been kicking back a few cold ones with them, but I feel like I was already very lucky to be able to have made it through that system earlier.

The further north I made it the better the weather got. It was a beautiful flight with the Great Smoky Mountains off to the west.

I didn't need to look down at the map to tell what the name of the next town I was flying over was - the large orange sphere gave it away immediately - Gaffney, GA. The "Peachoid" ( was featured in the Netflix series, "House of Cards". This is where Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, was a native of. And who says TV rots your brain???

More severe clear ahead.

Hmmmm...I've never seen this rock formation before.

It's aptly named - PILOT mountain! Wikipedia calls it " of the most distinctive natural features in the U.S. state of North Carolina." (

Just to the east of Pilot Mountain is Hanging Rock state park.

Smith Mountain Lake in southern VA.
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