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Do you have the standard Van's baffle kit with the air dam in front of cyl #1? If so, try cutting it down or removing it. Inlet air ramps installed? I had to remove and re-glass my inlet ramp forward on the right side. This provided more area above #1 and brought temps down about 10 degrees. Absolutely sure your baffles are sealed everywhere?

Also, is it a new engine? If so it will probably cool down a good bit as it breaks in. And lastly, do you have wheel pants and fairings installed? I just installed my main gear fairings and saw a gain of 5-7 knots and temps down another 8-10 degrees.

I am at a similar point in Phase 1 as you. My goal is under 400 all the time - right now #1 creeps over 400 in a climb (it's also 90 degrees OAT...). I'm getting close, and think that adding wheel pants and front gear fairing will do the trick.

Chris Johnson
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