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Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
I'm getting ready to start plumbing pitot static and they layout of my setup is such that it would be really convenient to end the hard lines coming off the tube at a bulkhead fitting in the next inboard rib and then convert it to a slip on fitting for nylon on the other side of the rib.

The fittings that came in the kit from stein are female npt to nylon, so does anybody have a solution for a bulkhead union that's flared on one end and npt on the other? I'm not having any luck finding a standard AN fitting in that configuration.

I get that I could use a AN832 and then a couple of flare fittings and a short run of aluminum tube, but that's the kind of cobbled together mess that I'm trying to avoid.

Basically I'm looking for something like a AN816, but with a bulkhead passthrough feature that will accomodate a nut.

All input welcome.
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