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Default Rugs n Roos

Having recently become RV owners, my wife Diana (the other half of Malndi) presented me with these embroidered rugs as a surprise wedding anniversary present.

In keeping with the policy for using the VAF logo I made a $100 donation to our favorite charity Kanyana Wildlife, a not-for-profit organization caring for sick and injured native wildlife in Western Australia. Kanyana is staffed by volunteers and resourced through donations and they manage to operate a very professional facility that provides care for hundreds of animals each year.

Caring for Australian wildlife can be very labor intensive. For example these joeys (baby kangaroos) hanging around in their pouches have all lost their mothers, usually to road kill. They require bottle feeding every few hours and their rehabilitation can take up to two years before they are ready for release into the wild.

Here is Diana preparing to bottle feed a joey during a training course for volunteer wildlife carers.

It's a little unusual how RV's, a couple of rugs and native Australian wildlife came together, but I'm glad they did, it's a very worthwhile cause.


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