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Thanks Gary.

There's no fraud here. Been doing Switchbox/icebox business for 6 years now and all going great. Pilot Portraits is 8 years in and been an amazing opportunity to fly and meet wth y'all.

I met marc in person a few weeks ago and all seemed ok. Been helping him in person, via phone and email for weeks and years actually.

When he started cursing on the phone, I changed my tone. I'm not in the business of dealing with customers at 4am who are cursing on the phone.

I told him his box is out of warranty and he's gonna need to pay to get service from us. Now I'm going through all forums flagging these google earth posts to my factory building in Providence.

It seems he's got a lot more time and steam available, so I try to take it offline with him, but I've alerted the admins Bec other members are rallying for support.

[ed. Time to take if offline. dr]

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