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Originally Posted by SkyDreams09 View Post
You are correct, even a small 30-50lb increase changes it for me. Especially with the 4-gallon unusable fuel.

one of my big questions is what will be the resale value of 1320# gross weight aircraft when 2000# plus LSA are available? Is there still a market? It has to have an impact.
Just to clarify, the RV-12 doesn't have 4 gallons of unusable fuel.

I have personally landed with 2.5 gallons remaining. The tank can actual be run nearly dry in flight if a situation occurred that someone accidently ended up using all of the required 30 minute VFR reserve.

The 4 gallon minimum is a limitation on taking off.
It is also recommended that no long term extended steep climb be executed with less than 4 gallons on board.
Shallower cruise climb pitch angles and any other coordinated maneuvers that would be used in normal flight modes are not an issue.
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