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Thoughts on installing the wire harnesses on the engine & having reasonable serviceability later. Consider not using grommets to pass the harnesses thru the baffling, instead create a plate/grommet affair large enough that the full harness & connectors (coil connectors, injector plugs for example) could pull thru if you ever have to take the engine off.
Others may help here with description failure symptoms of hi press/hi volume electric pumps they have experienced.
What we experienced in the one unit (not sold by SDS) that went bad on us is no loss of pressure but caught a lot of brass debris in the down line filter(gascolator). We caught this one before catastrophic failure and because of the down line filter didn’t experience any injector issues. Our 45 psi fuel didn’t drop & if it did, say to 30, we feel the engine would have told us we had an issue much before it degraded to that level, with power loss in progressing lean running. First item on our check list for power loss is second fuel pump than change tank, as mentioned above, a long learned response. I wouldn’t automate this for reasons mentioned by other posters.
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