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Default Rear Spar Doubler Plate

Dear Guys

I'm working on the rear spar for a set of recent RV3B wings. The plans call for a doubler plate where the inboard aileron bracket is mounted.

The plans seems to be a little confusing about the location of the rivets that will be eventually used for the inboard aileron bracket and the doubler plate.

The plans (Drawing 7) call for the lowest rivet to be 5/16 from the bottom of the rear spar. If I use the 5/16" from the very bottom of the rear spar, then it would fail to meet the ED requirements for the doubler plate (e.g. /4") by along way. (Note that the bottom flange is bent to 95 degrees not 90)

The plans don't seems to have to have the correct bend for the bottom of the rear spar. Assuming that 5/16 refers to the bottom end of the bend radius, then it still doesn't meet the ED requirements of the doubler plate (misses a little bit).

The doubler plate as supplied is exactly 3" deep but the plans call for a doubler plate that is 3 1/8" deep. ??

Has anybody else noted this problem ?

This is important as the holes will be used for the aileron bracket later on. I have also noted that the top hole of the 5 rivets needs to located a lot lower that in indicated in Drawing 7 to achieved a 1/4" ED for the angle use to attach the aileron bracket.
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