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Originally Posted by uk_RV9A View Post
Is fitting these mounts (for RV9-A) a nut and bolt assembly job, or is there much drilling and/or riveting involved?

Is there an installation guide available to download to get an idea of the work involved?
The RV-8 kit is a bolt in item. I added mine in while the wing was under construction. It could be retrofitted in working through one of the wing inspection covers. There is not a lot of room and there could be issues if the builder used a nut to hold a bolt in place instead of a nutplate. I used nutplates on my build so that everything could be removed and or installed with just one wrench.

The RV-9(A) roll kit is very similar to the RV-8. I do not remember there being instructions for the install but there were lots of other builders that used websites to document their build and I printed several photos of others installed servo to make sure I got my bracket installed correctly.
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