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Default VAF Charter Jet to OSH

If you've been wanting to go to Oshkosh this year and don't really have the time to do a multi-day trip in the RV, read on.

I'm a VAFer in the Atlanta area. I work for an aircraft charter company as the Business Development Manager. I would like to put together a charter trip for VAF folks from here Atlanta, GA) to Oshkosh for Airventure 2012 using our Learjet.

My thinking is this:
Opening day, Monday July 23 - this is the day the RV-1 is scheduled to arrive and be put on display at the show.
One day up and back. Leave form McCollum Airport in Atlanta (RYY) at 0700, arrive by 0800 CDT. Return after the daily airshow.
Up to 7 pax (6 minimum)

Price is about $1,760 per person - Which is not bad, considering you'd spend at least $500-$600 flying an RV up and back, plus hotels, plus weather delays, plus rental car... We are paying DR a standard charter commission for allowing me to promote it here.

Please send me a PM or an email and let me know if you're interested. Reservations will be first come-first served and I need to either have the trip filled and booked by July 1 - or not. We'll need to fill the airplane, to make it cost effective. (Of course, if you want to spend $10K and charter the whole flight, you certainly can. You don't even have to go to OSH)

This would be a great way to send someone to Oshkosh for the day - a veteran? A college student? A spouse? A third person that doesn't fit in the RV?

We'll fly right in to OSH, take the shuttle over to the Airventure grounds from the FBO and return after the field reopens. A good day at the show and a sweet ride to boot.

We are a certifed Air Taxi Operator. The airplane is a Lear 35 corporate jet - maybe the nicest Lear in the country. The crew will consist of our two most experienced pilots. I look forward to hearing from the VAF community.

Thanks Doug!

Jeff Rhodes
Southern Jet Management
Asheville Jet Charter and Management
Jeff Rhodes - Taylorsville, GA
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