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Default Update #2

(from Steve)

"Demand has been good, and we ran two batches of wheel chocks this past week. Due to your requests, we have added orange as a color option for the wheel chocks, and they also look very nice.

Also, we have updated our website to include the group buy option. If you go on there, select "Group buy grey, black or orange." You will receive 2 pair of chocks. Also, notice that the pricing is $76.....when you checkout $8.95 will be added to your purchase for shipping, bringing it to $84.95 total with free shipping. Also of note is that you can order another $73.95 worth of merchandise before you bump into the next shipping if you want a set of flap handles, custom engraving, or some other items, we can send them to you at no additional shipping cost with this wheel chock group purchase.

One last note...PLEASE CLEAR OUT YOUR BROWSER CACHE to make sure that all the new items on the website load when you go to it.

Have a great day, and thank you again for allowing us to earn your business"