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Default IFR

Yes.. it is good that you have the Gemini... that is a good back-up.
But I sense you need dual panel-mounted nav-coms. What about Pitot heat?

also, I am uncomfortable with your throttle quadrant lay out, as it looks like you have a push-pull mixture knob, then carb heat? then by-pass control, all the same type of knobs.... a recipe for disaster! (We often reach for controls by feel, especially when things get busy....

My suggestion is to replace the mixture control with a vernier of the appropriate shape ($$$) and bring the carb heat to the left of the throttle.

Remember, you may not be the only one to ever fly this airplane... and even with familiarity we can grab the wrong knob....
I am all for standard configurations.
Jim Frisbie
375 hrs.
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