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Originally Posted by wirejock View Post
Sorry. No choice. Money isn't there yet for my Whirlwind 300RV.
I have to try or add time to the end when I really want to be flyjng.
I do have an incredibly accurate cowl jig with a hub duplicate and using Whirlwind CAD drawing. I'm shooting for a bit more space because it's a three blade. If I mess up, it won't be the first, or last time.
Fingers Crossed.
You are a pretty meticulous guy Larry so I have faith in you. Just make sure to triple check haha. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions. Or give me a call, I think you still have my number. I know the feeling quite well at that stage of the build. I just wanted to start flying! lol

P.S. Once the cowl and baffles are done it's all pretty easy from there.
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