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Originally Posted by gmcjetpilot View Post
Except for the "Rockets" that stuff a Lyc 540 into their plane most of the alternatives fly slower, are heavier and again not as valuable in used market. May be most important I would say they are also less reliable. So who wouldn't want that? I wouldn't. A Lyc sounds great. I have over 600 hours flying checks in a Seneca II with two TIO360 Continentals. The sound is not better. I will say the Continental would be smoother inherently. However a well built Lyc with balanced Prop and LORD engine mounts is plenty smooth.
That's the beauty of experimental aviation. We can build a plane to tinker with a one-off engine and "experiment" to see if we can make a ____ engine successfully power the aircraft. Then continue tinkering to improve it as much as one's ability allows. Most people, myself included, want a solid, proven and reliable engine, so stick with Lycoming. That's not to stop one from wondering or trying out a different option.

That's one of my "7 wonders of Van's Aircraft". Van's has been stubbornly loyal to Lycoming with one major exception (RV-12). That has dramatically increased demand for Lycomings and decimated the used engine market. To my feeble brain, I would have thought that more engine options would be beneficial to Van's since engine supply would be more broad and probably cheaper. A larger used engine market to tap into. Cheaper engines means more affordable airplanes and more airframe kits sold.

Continental makes great engines. Some would want a -470 in an RV-10 or the -360 Continental options for the 4/6/7/8/14. The IO-240 might work well in an RV-3 and RV-9. UL would be great to provide support to as well. New offering, but good factory support creates competition amongst engine manufacturers.

But what do I know, haha.
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