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Originally Posted by jay.pearlman View Post
I talked to 3M about their products. The 2000+ is good to 300F. It is meant for fireplaces and not for commercial construction. Under heat, it turns black. It can be replaced by scraping it off and adding more. May or may not be appropriate - 3M support was not comfortable with its use in our environment.
302F is a max service temperature, the long term static environment, not the firestop condition. The ASTM E814 firestop test subjects the sample (a combination of products in a specific construction) to radiant temperatures of 1500-2000F using a 5ft x 5ft furnace containing a 1.5 million BTU burner.

Another illustration; I previously mentioned the 3M latex fire caulks have a max service temperature of only 180F. They incorporate vermiculite, the classic intumescent firestop material, which doesn't even begin to expand until about 600F.

While you're thinking about it, consider the standard silicone firesleeve on your hoses. The CS1900 may be better...we'll see.
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