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Originally Posted by avrojockey View Post
Talked to Divco...they seem to think that if it's leaking that much then the middle main is fretted.

They indicated that a crack will weep and then stain because a crack can go on in that area for a long time. I have more than a weep and it coming directly from the threads, so he said thats middle main fretting.
Glad you came to a conclusion. I think this is one of the down sides of a field overhaul. If the case is sent to divco or other shop at o/h, they machine of a few thou off the case parting seam and then line bore it. This eliminates all the previous fretting wear and restarts the clock. If this i not done, that wear piles up over time and it starts fretting again from day 1 after overhaul, as the seam is not tight.

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