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Originally Posted by avrojockey View Post
Pun intended...things were getting too oily so I decided to hunt it down. Here's what I did...
  1. I washed down my O320-E2D really well with Aviation Simple Green and low pressure warm water to get most of oil and grime off.
  2. Finished wiping off any residue really well with avgas and shop paper towels
  3. Inspected engine under UV prior to running to ensure no oil was detected and engine was clean
  4. Ran engine for 5 minutes
  5. Inspected in dark hanger with UV flashlight

I possibly have a drainback tube leaking but I certainly have a cylinder stud or two leaking. Below is a picture of the worst offender. This is only after running for 5 minutes with a normal run-up.

You can see that the oil glows much better than I was expecting. I had read the Aeroshell glows under UV, but the this is Phillips XC without any dye added. In case someone wants to duplicate my process.

Im wondering what the best way to try and seal this up without pulling a jug??? Loctite 290 or low strength 220??? Permatex Spray Sealant
Tim, your studs are not the problem. Oil leaks are very hard to find on aircraft engines unless you examine it while it is running and then you may not find the source due to all the air swirling around. I went through this problem on my 0-320 B1A in my RV9A. I swore it was a leaking stud due to a bad "O" ring inside the case. I eventually tore the engine apart and did a field overhaul. I sent the cases to DIVCO and they found a crack in the case. That was the problem, no more oil leaks.
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