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Default Rotax oil/water temperature sensors

It took me a few days to collect the following information, so I thought someone might be interested to read this at some point and save some time....

My oil temps started fluctuating in flight recently and there was a chance that the sensor itself was starting to fail (yes, connection issues are also a possibility). So I looked into a replacement, which would be Rotax p/n 965-531. You can find this sensor at the usual 3 suspects in the US for a mere $195 - $274. Yes, no typo. It's a VDO sensor, so I started looking for just that and had to learn that the thread that Rotax chose is very hard to come by in the US.
It's an M10 x 1.5 and in the US the only M10 that's readily available is the M10 x 1.0 which, of course, would not fit.
So I hunted around and found this part in the UK and in the Netherlands as well as on ebay (from Latvia which might take a while to get here).
The VDO part number you would be looking for that should replace the Rotax part is 323-801-010-001D, stamped 801/10/1 by VDO, 300F or 150C max..
Here are the two non-ebay webshops that I found to source these with the one in the NL to be too expensive on shipping for me to consider it.

For our European friends the NL webshop is probably the easiest solution as they charge in directly in Euros.
I have no affiliation with either one of these companies, just trying to help fellow builders to find a part that's hard to come by.

I should add that I have not replaced my sensor yet as I just ordered the part. As soon as I receive it I shall install it and verify that this is all correct.

Also, please note that the 912ULS oil temperature sensor is the same part as the two CHT water temperature sensors. So the above applies to both types of sensors.
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