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Default Major Canopy modifications?

I've been searching for a while, haven't seen any posts yet about seriously customized canopies. Any out there that I'm missing?

I'm just starting to daydream about a retirement project. It's a few years out, but I'm a planner. I went back to the Van's tent at Sun n Fun several times wrapping my head around the idea. I like the 14. Even though I'd like more seats if I'm honest it probably fills my mission.

Anyway, back when I was flying, most of my time was in high wings, mostly Cessna. I do have some time in low wings...various pipers and a mooney and one of the things that always bugged me was the one door and no opening windows.

Seems like the tipping vs sliding debate is a long and strong one.... and it kinda tells me that I'm not alone in my "troubles" with the RV canopy designs. I can certainly see advantages in the one piece tipper...and also the old WW2 fighter feel of a slider....
but my brain keeps taking me to ideas about converting to doors somehow, sort of like the RV-10..or adding opening window(s) somehow...even if it's those little hand sized port holes on many pipers, beechcraft, etc....
I know, probably a silly idea, but it's the hurdle I keep coming back to.

I mean, what do RV flyers do if they want to enter a flour bombing competition or something?

Surely with all the homebuilders out there, there must have been some pretty interesting (or even stupid) mods done to the design.
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